As the various types of business marketing have developed over the years, there are some tools that have remained useful throughout. One of these is prints or posters of the service or product that you are promoting.

These can be placed almost anywhere that catches the eye. Using prints of strong images in places like tube stations or bus stations means that you have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people each day.

Using prints

Posters have been used in public places to promote businesses for a long time. They are a great way to promote an event, such as an upcoming theatre production, and they are a very cost-effective method of marketing. Any business that is struggling to put together a substantial budget for marketing can still start small but reach a wide audience. Placement of posters and prints can be targeted to specific markets. A good example of this would be the launch of a new book – marketing materials can be placed in libraries or bookshops to get the right type of audience.

History of Marketing