New active wear clothes are pushing the envelope with fresh looks, bold colors, and unique designs. Attracting buyers from across the globe, the market is expected to grow from $350 million in 2017 to a whopping $550 million by 2024. As North America dominates the active wear market, U.S. manufacturers are looking at new and innovative ways to introduce activewear products to the burgeoning client base. Aiming to reach buyers wherever they are, active wear sellers focus on five main channels to distribute marketing materials and convert an individual’s interest into a sale.


Marketing online is a simple, affordable way to convert potential active wear buyers quickly. Since more than 4.5 billion internet users access the web regularly, digital advertising is the go-to method of reaching buyers. From banners to pop-ups, complex algorithms track search engine use and present the internet user with ads related to his or her search history. By presenting potential buyers with items of interest, sellers are more likely to find a new customer. In fact, some pop-up ads maintain conversion rates higher than 50 percent on average. It’s a highly effective way to market, giving the seller a substantial return on his marketing budget investment.


Email marketing is the holy grail of internet advertising. With a compelling subject line and a targeted email list, the sky’s the limit for active wear sellers. Conversion rates vary, depending on several factors, such as the time of day and interest in the product. By sending test emails, marketers may determine the most effective copy, subject line, and graphics for future campaigns. Once complete, advertisers have a pretty good handle on how effective an email marketing campaign may be, including the projected click thru rate.

Social Media

Social media viewers are avid buyers, following trends, postings, and advice of friends and connections. It’s a vital market to reach, because there are an estimated 3.5 billion social media users and 72 percent of American visit social media sites every month. By purchasing ads focusing on targeted buyers, active wear marketers are sure to benefit from the social media market segment. In fact, targeting enhances the power of marketing to allow for a successful active wear campaign.

Mobile Phone

With 3.5 billion global smart phone users, it’s hard to imagine a marketing plan without including this buying segment, which includes a significant portion of the global population. Ads reach smart phone users from applications, web surfing, text, and email. An average smart phone users carries his phone with him wherever he goes. Therefore, the advertiser has opportunities throughout the course of the day to engage and convert each phone owner into a customer.


Although digital marketing is highly effective, traditional marketing methods still offer strong conversion opportunities to marketers. From out-of-home advertising to direct mail, these marketing opportunities reach a consumer regardless of whether he is online or not. Considering a significant portion of the global population is not tech savvy and may not own a mobile phone, traditional marketing in print media, radio, and television still offers the best opportunity to reach the masses. As the future of marketing evolves, active wear sellers may continue to explore an integrated marketing approach. Such a plan combines the power of the internet with the effectiveness of traditional marketing to increase active wear sales and achieve substantial return on marketing investments.