Apple brings new products to market with all the fanfare reserved for high-end technological masterpieces. After a few years, the more recent version is available, and most tech firms want the new product. As a result, the market for a refurbished imac is booming. Here are four ways companies that sell refurbished iMacs may reach new consumers.

Social Media

Social media platforms offer targeted marketing opportunities. iMac sellers may identify a specific market segment related to the product to obtain ad views from platform users who have already expressed an interest. The number of conversions is heavily dependent on ad content and the number of potential customers that the seller reaches during the marketing campaign.


Email marketing is a highly effective method for reaching customers. More than 80 percent of marketers rely on email marketing to convert potential customers. It’s the second most popular marketing channel behind social media, which 91 percent of marketers use to sell products and services. Therefore, all marketing materials should include a call to action for consumers to join the seller’s email list. For example, produce blogs that help consumers recognize the business as an industry expert for iMac refurbishing. Also, offering content with internal links may encourage new customers to join the company’s email list.

Direct Mail

Conversion rates are high, as direct mail is one of the most effective ways to reach refurbished iMac buyers. Design a direct mail postcard, including bold colors and a unique design to capture a potential customer’s attention. Include a call to action to invite customers to purchase products available for sale.

Refurbished iMac products are flooding the market. Buyers want quality Apple products and may choose a refurbished model over the newest version or model from the company. By casting a wide net through the web, social media, email, and direct mail, sellers are sure to find buyers for refurbished iMacs.